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A Chat with Yalanji Art Centre, Mossman Gorge Community

At the recent Darwin Aboriginal Arts Fair, I had the opportunity to chat with many amazing indigenous artists from around the country who were showcasing their talent from traditional arts and crafts and ceramics, to weaving, textile printing and paintings.

I particularly enjoyed my conversation with Lorna Shuan from Yalanji Arts Community located at Mossman Gorge, on the edge of the Daintree rainforest of Kuku Yalanji Country. Lorna has grown up in the area and is one of a handful of resident artists at the Arts Centre.

Lorna's prints pop with colour and feature local birds and wildlife, a reflection of the local tropical environment and its close proximity to the ocean.

How often do you visit the Arts Centre?

I visit around 4 days a week with other artists, some of whom are my family. Each day we screen print a different design on our 2m table. We also work with ceramics and make printed tea towels and tote bags.

What inspires your art?

My family’s totems are the snake and the Kingfisher bird. They protect and guide me in everything I do. They are always there and I often paint them in my artworks. I also feel very lucky to have grown up in the beautiful Mossman Gorge area. My designs feature a lot of nature, especially birds.

Where does the Yalanji Art Centre sell fabrics and handcrafted goods that you make?

We love selling at the art fairs. Before Darwin Aboriginal Arts Fair (DAAF) we were exhibiting at Cairns Indigenous Art Fair (CAIF). We can also take orders if you like a design.

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